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Circus by Moonlight

Poems 1997-2007

 "A perfect browse for poetry enthusiasts ... establishes Williams as an impressive talent and skilled wordsmith, deserving of as wide and appreciative an audience as possible." (The Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch: June 2009).

 Note: Circus by Moonlight, first edition, is currently out of print, but will be available soon in ebook format from Tyler's Field.



Williams has been writing poetry and essays for many years and his work reflects a sensibility that extends beyond national borders and encompasses the dichotomy of poverty/wealth, striving/acceptance, ancient/modern, and the particular and universal. Circus by Moonlight contains 121 poems written between 1990 and 2007. On this page you will find a few poems from the book.


Where My Brother Builds Castles


this place is now at your command
the sand is cool and pliable
and castles are your fortress
to expel the onslaught
welsh archers at your disposal
entire cities to be chiseled
by the strength of your vision

this place is now at your command
a benevolent kingdom on the shore
where you had designed worlds for
the pleasure of clan and attendants
and we shall forever tread lightly
over this landscape of remembrance
for here sits a city on high


Paradise Possible

maybe somewhere
there is a
place for all this love

before heaven claims
a world
with no more time

and rivers
abandon their steady


Circus by Moonlight

flanked by a quiet of night
they watch
the parade, migrating
circus figures,
passing in unfamiliar
outlines of pygmy
and ballooning-bubble-elasticity.

limp sleepers, hanging
by moon’s hooking crescent,
space babies with
no planet, dangling
to the organ grinder’s
hypnotic spell,
while cotton candy—
cocoon, envelopes them, in sticky.


Dandelion Steam

there is a playground
worth conjuring
for the weathered
and weary

of hot blacktop and
steel stretched into
blinding orbits

a zeal brought out to
soften the tar while
kick-stands slowly sink
and balance is lost

a field afar
lit up with yellow
dandelion steam
waits for the day

the glorious moment
when the boys of baseball
rally to the call
green with anticipation







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