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A Season of Industry

Poems by Mark Van Aken Williams.

Photographs by Janice Phelps Williams

In print and ebook from MagCloud at this link.

Click here to see a PDF sample of A Season of Industry.


“In A Season of Industry, ‘Art’ and ‘Poetry’ are restored to their stead as personal reflections, pointing us to the forgotten comfort of our wonder. Janice Phelps Williams’ photographs are exquisite little tableaux of our memory well felt. Mark Van Aken Williams’ poems recall our experience of puzzlement in a world we once inhabited before we could make sense of it. Like the little bits caught in amber that make it interesting and precious, the photos and poems in this little gem of a volume will help you reconnect with the not quite forgotten past you thought that you had lost.” ~Miles Free, Adjunct Professor, Walsh University

“From the frequent recourse to circus imagery in the writing of Mark Van Aken Williams and the brightness and colour of illustrations by his wife, Janice, we can enjoy their capture of surfaces, but their new book persuades us too that there is always something far beyond initial impressions. For the Williams’ family life is rather more than bread and circuses as
they live each Season of Industry.” ~C. J. Heyworth

“A perfect browse for poetry enthusiasts...establishes Williams as an impressive talent and skilled wordsmith, deserving of as wide and appreciative an audience as possible.” ~The Midwest Book Review on Mark's poetry

“I absolutely loved your pictures. I think it takes more skill to see the beauty in what is not obvious.” ~Amy McVay Abbott, “The Raven Lunatic” columnist, author of The Luxury of Daydreams

“Thank you for seeking and finding the beauty that exists.” ~Füsun Atalay, author of Will of My Own

“You really capture that strange mixture of starkness and weird beauty that is small-town southern Ohio.” ~Jeanette DeMain